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Our mission and commitment to global improvement.

Since 1999, founder Harry Tallarita has been working towards educating for a healthy lifestyle. In 2020, he decided to establish a humanitarian organization bearing his name: TALLARITA HARRY Organization, subsequently giving birth to the HUMANITARIANASSISTENCE project. The organization operates globally to promote health, education, and human rights through solidarity and development projects. We provide vital support to those who need it most.

Our Initiatives

We’re here to make a difference. Discover our initiatives and contribute to change. Take a look and do your part.

Promotion of Natural Medicines

Our projects spread knowledge of natural and traditional medicines.

Pediatric Oncology Hematological Care

We provide support to families with children affected by pediatric oncological diseases.

Protection of Fundamental Rights

We ensure legal protection and education on fundamental rights for a dignified life.

Defense against Abuse

Every year, we create free self-defense courses and support for women victims of domestic violence and for men who have been denied paternity.

Encouragement of Microeconomics

Our microeconomics programs help communities thrive and develop.

Join us in building a brighter future.

If you’re passionate about making a difference and want to contribute to change, join HumanitarianAssistance. We’re looking for motivated and passionate volunteers who want to commit to the common good. We share the vision of a fairer world, and together we can make it happen.


Discovering the TALLARITA HARRY Humanitarian Organization and the HUMANITARIANASSISTENCE project has been a true gift. I never imagined such a positive impact. I highly recommend everyone to help these amazing people.

The Right to life, happiness, and prosperity are the pillars that move us every day.

Harry Tallarita

Administrator of the Humanitarian Organization

Educational activities are not just about studying; they allow you to find satisfaction, joy, and passion.

Silvia Cocco

Naturopath Participant in the ANEA program

If you’ve come across Harry and his activities, there’s a reason for it! You will connect with many people who will grow alongside you.

Maria Grazia Legramanti

Educator Participant in the ANEA program

What projects does the Humanitarian Organization offer?

We offer numerous projects such as promoting natural medicines, providing pediatric oncology hematological care, educating on fundamental rights, helping women victims of violence, legal protection, and much more. We are committed to improving people’s lives through support and solidarity.

How can I join the projects?

To participate in the TALLARITA HARRY Organization’s projects, contact us through our website or visit our office. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information and guide you through the enrollment process. Our projects are open to anyone who wishes to make a difference in the community.

What are the criteria for accessing support programs?

The criteria for accessing support programs vary depending on the project. In general, we assess the individual needs and socio-economic difficulties of each person to provide the most appropriate support.

Contact us for more information.